Food Service Staff

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

About us

Food Service Supervisors - The Supervisor is the person to contact if you wish to discuss aspects of the food or service. They visit wards randomly to monitor quality and service.

Food Service Monitors

  • They will bring you your menu to fill in around 8.00am.
  • Our monitors are the people to discuss the menu with.
  • They can advise on aspects of the food, the menu and the department's routine.
  • Nursing staff later collect your completed menu and return them to the Monitors so they can organise your menu requirements.

Food Service Assistants

  • They work varying shifts between 6am and 8pm.
  • These staff have busy schedules plating meals, assembling all trays, delivering meals and beverages and washing up, so they are the members of our team you will be most in contact with.
  • They are happy to help with simple queries and can organise a follow up visit from our Food Service Monitor or Supervisor should this be required.


  • They work as part of a large team in the Launceston General Hospital Central Production Kitchen.
  • Whilst the nature of their work confines them to the Kitchen, they are keen to visit patients and obtain comments on their meals.