How We Do It

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

About us

Did you know we provide around 20,000 meals a week to:

  • The Launceston General Hospital Patients and Cafes
  • Presbyterian Care Tasmania (Norwood, Legana and Legana Day Centre)
  • Westbury Community Day Centre
  • Red Cross Meals on Wheels 

Our Food Service Team consists of over 100 members who work in our various locations to provide and deliver meals to you each and every day of the year.

To cater for such large numbers of meals, we utilise the latest equipment and technology along with high quality, fresh, raw ingredients.

Our food is freshly cooked at the Launceston General Hospital Central Production Kitchen and rapidly chilled to retain its freshness, flavour and nutrition.

Meals are then transported in refrigerated trucks to the various locations, where they are quickly finished and heated ready for delivery to your bedside. Our system works on the same lines as large convention centres, luxury hotels and airline services.

When you are feeling better, should a tour of our production facilities be of interest to you, we would be happy to show you around and give you the opportunity to meet our staff. See previous contact numbers to arrange a visit.

Points of Interest

We buy and serve per year

8,000 Whole Fresh Chickens

5,000 Kilograms of Mince

3,000 Legs of Lamb

8,000 Kilograms of Beans

5,000 Kilograms of Peas

12,500 Kilograms of Chips

32,800 Loaves of Bread

74,000 Litres of Milk