Menu Selection

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

About us

With hundreds of patients in hospital, Food Services need to know the correct details to ensure each patients receives the right meal.

To do this, we need, clearly written:

  • The patient's name, ward and bed number on the 3 sections of the menu.
  • For all choices to be clearly marked.
  • Information on special food needs.

The menus undergo several checks, are cut up and separated into breakfast, lunch and tea and sorted into wards, ready to be placed on your individual tray and set with the items you required.

When the Food Service Monitors deliver your menu at approximately 8.30 a.m. please make every effort to tick your selections as soon as possible.

This is one area of hospital routine you do have control over and only you know your personal food preferences. Unfilled menus have to be filled out by a member of the Nursing or Food Services staff and because they don't know your preferences you may receive a meal you don't like.

So please exercise your right and choose your meal

If you do not have a pen, ask the Food Service Monitor to give you one when they deliver your menu. If unable to fill in the menu for other reasons, ask the nurse caring for you to assist you.

For patients from non-English speaking backgrounds, contact the nurse caring for you for assistance.

Special Food Needs

If you are on a special diet such as:

  • Diabetic
  • Low Cholesterol
  • Low Protein

Inform Nursing staff on admission to the ward so as a Dietitian can be organised to visit and discuss your needs.

Similarly, whilst in hospital you may be introduced to a new diet, as part of your treatment. The Dietitian will assist with this.

Our regular ward diet menu provides four to five meal choices at each meal and we hope this covers most taste and diet preferences, including vegetarian and some ethnic dishes. It also carries a light diet choice and a soft diet. If you have difficulties with chewing contact the Nursing Staff initially for advice. A follow up visit may be arranged with a Food Service Supervisor/Chef.

When cooking for so many we unfortunately can't run an a la carte service.

However, if you have a genuine problem with the meals please contact the Food Service Monitor or Chef and we can discuss other options available.

We can't be everything to everybody. Please spare a thought for our chefs cooking 3000 serves of beans - some patients like them crisp, some patients like them mushy and the amount of salt varies to individuals' taste preferences.

How can we know who likes what and how will we separate and serve everyone's personal preferences. You're right, we can't, but we do care and try to cook to most people's liking.