Quality and Service

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

About us

The importance of being a Food Safe Establishment with trained and accredited Food handlers is that our customers/clients can feel confident that we are maintaining high standards of food handling practices and procedures. This ensures that their health/recovery is not comprised by any of our practices and that legislative requirements are adhered to.

We do care about the quality of your meals in hospital and we want to be told if things aren't right. Let us know early in your stay, so we can come and discuss any problems and correct them to make your stay more enjoyable, and provide an improved service to all our future patients.

  • We regularly carry out patient satisfaction surveys to learn your comments on our food service.
  • These written surveys are anonymous, but should you require a chef's visit we will need your name, ward and bed number to follow up.
  • Our cooking and service staff meet weekly as a Quality Assurance measure to analyse survey results, implement changes where practical, and continually improve our service.

If you have any ideas for improvement please let us know. The contact phone number for Food Services is (03) 6777 6526 or Email Food Services


Food Safe Tick

The objectives of ensuring that all staff are Food Safe trained are:

  • Our Food Safe accreditation is maintained.
  • All employees are aware of and understand the importance of programs in place to monitor temperatures, cleaning audits and maintain high standards of personal and food hygiene.
  • All employees must complete and be assessed as competent Food Safe handlers.
  • New legislation is adhered to, to prove that our practices/procedures are in place to fulfil our obligations under this legislation.