Information for parents of children being admitted to the Launceston General Hospital

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

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Children's Ward 4K - (Paediatric)

Staff share your concerns for the welfare of your child and will do all they can to help you and them through this difficult time. Please ask staff if you have any concerns.

Adolescent Unit in 4K

There are separate facilities including a lounge and tea making facilities for adolescents up to the age of 18.

After Effects of Hospitalisation

For some, a stay in hospital can be quite traumatic. Some children, on return home behave quite differently until they are feeling secure and fully recovered. Just give them time to adjust.

Food and Drink

We understand that you wish to comfort your child and one way we all tend to do this is by giving them sweets and sweet drinks. This may not be beneficial to your child's recovery so please check with staff before buying any 'treats'. Please don't give treats to other children on the ward. They may be on a restricted diet and you could inadvertently do harm.

Living in for Parents

There is limited accommodation in the Children's Ward and preference is given to breast feeding mothers and mothers from out of town. Please ask the Clinical Nurse Consultant/Manager if you require accommodation.

Preparing your Child for Hospital

Talk to your child about coming to hospital, explain honestly and simply why it is necessary and that you won't be with them all the time, but you will visit regularly.

Arrange with the ward staff to bring your child to visit a few days prior to admission as this will calm most of their fears.


Parents are welcome to visit at any time. Having you around helps your child recover. Other visitors are welcome but please remind them to be considerate with regard to noise.

What to Bring

Dressing gown, slippers and toiletries. Pyjamas will be provided by the hospital. Please take home any excess clothing, there is less chance of it being misplaced or lost.

Many children have a special toy or blanket, please bring it with you.


A teacher is on the ward every school morning to help children with their work.


The television is turned off at 8.30pm in Ward 4K.