Life on the ward

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

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A redi-teller is situated on level 3 adjacent to the Red Cross shop to access funds.


The hospital provides a variety of meals, including those for patients requiring specific dietary needs. Your consultant will contact the dietician if you have special dietary requirements arising from your treatment.

However if you are here for an extended period and have no specific dietary requirements, friends can bring you a treat (pasta, pizza, fish & chips etc). Please check with your doctor first.

Justice of the Peace/Commissioner for Declarations

Please ask the ward clerk if you require these services. The clerk will arrange this for you.

Library Service

The Red Cross provides a patient library service. This is a voluntary service.

Medical Certificates

Please ask you doctor if you require a medical certificate before you leave the hospital.

Ministers of Religion

Daily visits are made by clergy of differing denominations. A Chaplain is available within the Hospital from 9.00am - 3.00pm daily. Please advise the ward staff if you wish to be visited.

Chaplains respond to requests or referrals from patients, relatives, people from other states, or staff and provide support in difficult circumstances. They minister to people of all faiths along with those who do not identify with any religion.

The chapel is a place of peace and quiet where people are welcome for times of relection and prayer. It boasts a pipe organ, is a warm, inviting and unique place with furnishings made from Huon Pine salvaged from Lake Pedder. The ceiling is made from Celery Top Pine formed to give a wave effect.

Weekly Sunday Services are held at 10.00am for patients, family, friends and staff.

The Chapel is located on Level 3.

Mobile Phones

Mobile phones can be used within the hospital however there are areas where equipment, and therefore patient care, would be affected by their use. These areas are clearly marked and include the Intensive and Cardiac Care Unit and the Renal Unit.


Newspapers and magazines are available from the morning news vendor, who delivers daily to each ward. Payment is on a cash basis.


The staff attempt to keep noise to an acceptable level and ask that patients, and their visitors, attempt to do the same during their time at the LGH.


Each bed has a personal overhead television set for patient use. This in-house service also has several stations for radio access. No outside TVs or radios can be used within the hospital precinct.

Rental arrangements can be made for a period of 1 day, 1 week, 2 weeks or longer and the charge is dependent on the term of the rental.


The LGH is a declared smoke-free environment under the Public Health Act. This means that smoking is prohibited in all parts of the Hospital and its grounds. Smoking actively interferes with many medical treatments, and patients who continues to smoke tend to stay in hospital longer and have more complications. For this reason, patients and visitors are encourages to leave tobacco products at home to support the Hospital in providing better care to all.

Social Work Department

Counselling, support and practical assistance is offered to patients and their families who are adjusting to illness, hospitalisation or disability. A social worker can be directly contacted in the Department of Social Work on Level 2, or if you wish them to visit you on the ward ask the staff to organise this for you.

Social Workers are available to assist you and your family with some of the presonal problems that may worry you. Being sick or in hospital can be a stressful time for you and your family. We can assist you and your family in a variety of ways including:

  • Planning for your admission and discharge from hospital;
  • Grief, loss and trauma counselling;
  • Adjusting to the effects of illness, treatment and rehabilitation for you and your family;
  • Family and relationship concerns;
  • Support for carers / family members;
  • Financial entitlements, work and legal issues ie. Centrelink, DVA, MAIB, Workers' Compensation;
  • Aged Care issues / options;
  • Chronic illness;
  • Advocacy for patients and family; and
  • Cultural issues / needs.

You may just want to talk through some of your worries in order to work out what you want to do.

Street Clothing

Unless otherwise indicated please send your street clothing home. There is less chance of it being misplaced or lost if it is safely at home. As there are no laundry facilities at the LGH please organise a relative or friend to organise this for you.


Public telephones are located in the hospital's main foyer - Level 3, QVMU - Level 4 Corridor, ICU - Level 5 Corridor. Phone cards can be purchased at the Kiosk in the main foyer - $5 & $10 cards are available. Portable gold phones are available on some wards on request.

Translating / Interpreter Service

Two-way communication between patient and physician is essential. Please advise staff if the interpreter service is required to ensure clear communication. Both telephone and onsite interpreter services are available.

Valuable / Patient Property

Please leave valuables (including money) at home or lodge with staff to be locked in the hospital safe. The hospital will take all care but does not accept responsibility for patient property.


There is a Community Veteran Information and R&SLA Welfare Officer available through the Social Work department on Level 2. Please either indicate during admission that you would like to speak to a representative or ask the ward staff to arrange this for you.