Your Stay at the Launceston General Hospital

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Compliments / Complaints

We are happy to receive feedback from patients regarding their time at the LGH and to facilitate this there is a compliments/complaints facility through the Quality and Safety Unit at the LGH. 

To register your comments for investigation you can

  • phone 1800 008 001;
  • ask a staff member for a compliments/complaints form to complete; or
  • use the online feedback form.

Staff are easily identified by their official LGH identification badge.

Discharge Medication

From Feb 28 2011, Tasmanian public hospitals will be able to give you up to 30 days of medication when you leave hospital (or attend as an outpatient). This will give you more time to make arrangements to visit your doctor or local health clinic to arrange future prescriptions.

You are required to pay a contribution towards the cost of your take-home medicines in the same manner as you would at your local pharmacy.

The amount you pay is called the co-payment and is set by the Australian Government.

Payments can be made at the hospital cashier as you leave, or paid later at Service Tasmania, the post office, online or by phone using the invoice provided to you.

You will not have to pay for the medicines you receive while you are a hospital in-patient.

You will not be able to fill any prescriptions your GP has given you in the hospital pharmacy.

For ongoing supply of most medicines, you need to see your own GP.

For more information on Pharmaceutical Reform in Tasmania:


or phone: (03) 6233 2990

Discharge Procedures

We try to give you plenty of notice but sometimes late ward rounds create delays. If you are having difficulties making arrangements to get home please discuss it with staff. They will do everything they can to help. When you are discharged from hospital please try and ensure your relatives pick you up as soon as possible. You may be asked to wait for your lift in the patients day room on your ward as we need to admit another patient on the day you leave.


Your smile, a thank you or a small card are very welcome ways of saying thank you to the staff.

Hospital Property

We would like to thank you for leaving hospital property for other patients benefit. Replacement of property reduces funds available for direct patient care.

Hospital Staff

Your treatment is managed by the specialist consultant who supervises registrars and resident medical officers. Please do not hesitate to ask them to clarify any concerns in this area. The wards are managed by a Clinical Nurse Consultant/Manager who is also there to assist you with any concerns you may have. Other staff are registered nurses, midwives, enrolled nurses, mothercraft nurses, attendants, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, cleaning and catering staff.


If you haven't done so already please advise staff of any regular medication you are taking. This medication may have an adverse reaction when taken with further medications or treatment you may receive whilst an inpatient or on discharge.

Some medications have an adverse reaction when taken with alcohol and may affect your recovery. Only medically prescribed alcohol is permitted within the LGH and this will be supplied by the hospital.

Teaching Hospital

The Launceston General is a teaching hospital with training agreements with various universities to train students within varied fields of specialisation. Medical students from the University of Tasmania spend a year on site in their fifth year to facilitate learning skills in a clinical environment. You have the right to refuse to be seen by the students, however the more clinical experience they gain by involvement with real patients the more rounded their knowledge.

Transport Arrangements

Patients are responsible for organising their own transport on discharge, an ambulance will only be provided if the doctor considers it necessary.