History of the W.P. Holman Clinic

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

The W.P. Holman Clinic Launceston was established within the Launceston General Hospital in 1952.  Initially it was establised as a branch of the Peter MacCallum Clinic Melbourne under the administration of the Victorian Cancer Institute. The clinic underwent a name change in 1986 as the leasing agreement with the Victorian Government expired.  The Tasmanian Government then assumed responsibility for the service and the clinic was renamed the W.P. Holman Clinic in memory of Dr. William Proutt Holman.  Dr. W.P. Holman established an oncology based medical practice in Launceston in 1925, providing the basis for radiation oncology services in Tasmania.

The clinic supplies a comprehensive radiation oncology, medical oncology and clinical haem-oncology treatment service as well as a supportive role for cancer research for the Northern Tasmanian region.

Equipment includes 3 state-of-the-art linear accelerators (high energy radiation therapy units), Tasmania's only high dose rate brachytherapy unit, a CT simulator, a computerized 3D treatment planning system and an apherisis unit.

In addition the clinic provides a registered blood collection service and has direct access to all hospital services as required.


Images courtesy of the LGH Historical Committee