Holman Clinic Equipment

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

About us

The Holman Clinic Launceston has 3 modern linear accelerators. These high energy radiation therapy units provide the backbone of the radiation therapy service providing accurate treatment delivery of complex treatments throughout the body.

Their precise dose rate control and absolute positional accuracy allow the delivery of complex treatments with confidence.

Currently the Holman Clinic Launceston operates 3 Varian iX Linear accelerators with all optional extras including CBCT, IMRT, VMAT and respiratory gating.


Other equipment includes a Phillips Big Bore CT Simulator.

The clinic also houses Tasmania's only automatic after – loading high dose rate brachytherapy unit.

This specialised radiation therapy treatment equipment has been much publicised and is a valuable tool in the treatment of localised tumours where direct access to the treatment site can be gained.

Currently the Holman Clinic is operating a Nucletron Flexitron Automatic HDR After Loading system with the Plato BPS planning system and Oncentra Prostate.