W P Holman Clinic Staff

Tasmanian Health Service - Northern Region

About us

The staff at the W P Holman Clinic are professionally trained specialists who are experienced in the treatment of cancer patients.

Radiation Oncologists

Doctor with expertise in radiation therapy.

Medical Oncologists

Doctor with expertise in chemotherapy.

Radiation Therapists

Responsible for planning and administering radiation therapy and brachytherapy treatments.

Radiation Nursing Staff

Responsible for education, assessment and continual care for patients undergoing radiation treatment.

Chemotherapy Nursing Staff

Responsible for the administration and care of patients undergoing cytotoxic therapy.

Medical Physicists

Support and maintain the scientific basis of treatment with radiation therapy.

Radiation Engineer

Maintain all radiation therapy equipment at optimum levels of operation.

Administrative Staff

Support the efficient operation of the clinic and maintain the patient records.

Oncology Research

Coordinate clinical trials at the Holman Clinic.

Social Work Staff

Assist patients and families with social and emotional support.


Advises on dietary requirements for patients on treatment.