Oncology social workers, Holman Clinic

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For patients, families and carers

Oncology Social workers are professional allied health workers trained to help support patients and families manage the social and emotional impact of the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Social workers assist both outpatients attending the Holman Clinic, and oncology inpatients of the Launceston General Hospital.

You can talk to a social worker about:

  • You and your family’s adjustment to illness and treatment
  • Strategies to manage stress and anxiety
  • Financial, legal or practical difficulties you may be facing
  • Concerns about accessing hospital services

A social worker can help by:

  • Supporting people during difficult times
  • Connecting you to resources and services you need, such as legal services, and support groups
  • Informing re Financial assistance, including Centrelink entitlements, emergency financial relief and superannuation for those eligible
  • Assisting access to wigs, hats and turbans
  • Registering for “Look Good, Feel Better” program for men and women
  • Assisting with transport and accommodation
  • Assisting communication with health care providers
  • Advocating for patients and families in need
  • Referral to specialist counselling
  • Organising Interpreter Services

How do I contact a social worker?

Ask any Holman Clinic staff member for a referral to the Oncology Social Worker, or self refer by asking for an appointment at the Reception in the Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy areas; or  telephone:  (03) 67776140. 

Other contact numbers

Aboriginal Health Liaison Officer (03) 6348 7168

Dept. Of Social Work, LGH (03) 6777 6216