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Expectant Mother in ShowerFrequently Asked Questions 

What happens if I need to see a Doctor? 

Your midwife will monitor your pregnancy and be able to identify any concerns with you or the baby. MGP midwives work very closely with the medical staff at the LGH.  If at any stage during pregnancy, birth or the postnatal period a problem arises, your midwife will promptly arrange for you to be reviewed by medical staff and have the appropriate care provided.

Where will I give birth? 

You birth your baby at the Launceston General Hospital in the maternity unit.

Who will care for me during my labour and birth? 

When you think that you are in labour, please phone your MGP midwives. When you and your midwife agree that you are ready to come into hospital they will meet you at the level four birth suite of the LGH.

What if I have private health insurance and want to transfer to a private hospital? 

A main aspect of MGP care is early discharge from hospital and follow up care in the home. MGP midwives are employed to provide this care and if you transfer to another hospital there is no need for the home follow up. If you choose to transfer to a private hospital there are other pregnancy care options that would be more appropriate.

What happens after my baby is born? 

Providing you and the baby are well you can leave the hospital four hours after birth.

How do I contact my midwife? 

You will have your midwife's mobile phone number and you may phone or text as needed. Overnight MGP phones are diverted to Birth Suite and a midwife will give you advice and call in one of your midwives if needed. Text messages do not divert so please phone if urgent or your midwife has not replied to your text within 30 minutes.

What if my midwife is unavailable? 

Your two to three midwives will be responsible for the majority of your care. Occasionally, circumstances may mean that your midwives may be unavailable to take your phone call or to be present for the birth of your baby. However there are many midwives on birth suite who can take your call and care for you in labour. Staff on Birth Suite of the LGH are available 24 hrs a day and can be contacted in case of emergencies.

Can I still access the other services that the LGH has to offer such as physiotherapy and antenatal classes? 

MGP clients have the same access to services as all other pregnant women having their baby at the LGH.

What is the difference with other pregnancy care options like TEAM? 

MGP clients are allocated to two to three midwives and when labour starts ideally your midwives will support you and care for you throughout the whole birthing process.  You will have met these midwives all through your pregnancy and know them well.  They will then provide care at home for you for up to two weeks after the birth. MGP midwives are on call for their clients 24 hours a day.

How much does it cost? 

It's free!

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