Cochlear Implant Assessment for Infants and Children

Launceston General Hospital

Cochlear Implant Assessment for Infants and Children

Cochlear Implant Assessment for Infants and Children

Determining if a child would benefit from a cochlear implant requires the input of a team of professionals.

The Audiologist will be your family’s main point of contact throughout the assessment process.


A comprehensive assessment by a specialist implant audiologist is required. As part of this series of appointments, you will be given information about the possible benefits and limitation of implantation. Our audiologist can arrange for you to meet with an implanted adult or child and their family.

Speech Pathology

A comprehensive speech and language assessment will be arranged with our specialist Implant Speech pathologist. Information may also be obtained from your early intervention provider.

Family Support

Implant assessment can be a difficult time for families. The Family Support Facilitator can provide practical and emotional support. This may include practical help with travel, coordinating appointments and making sure you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your child. We can also help with putting into place the supports you and your child will need, if a cochlear implant is recommended.

It can be helpful to discuss your feelings and concerns with someone outside your family. Emotional support and counselling can be provided to parents and other family members.

Your child's hospitalization may be a very stressful time for you, your child and your family. Our Family Support Facilitator can talk through your concerns and collaborate with your child’s medical team to make sure your child has the best possible hospital stay.

The Family Support Facilitator can see you at the Royal Hobart Hospital, Audiology Department or can arrange to visit you at home. Support can be provided face to face, via phone or email.