Live Free Tassie (Teen Challenge Tasmania Inc)

Live Free Tassie provides a residential drug treatment program for young men aged 16 to 30.

This program is a 12 month program 6 months residental in a therapeutic commmunity and 6 months non-residental post progarm support and mentoring to achieve a successful re-entry into the community.

Drugs in the Workplace: is a 3 months residential program and return to work with 9 months non residental support and mentoring.

How to contact us or make a booking

Office is open Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm

Service Eligibility

Referral and Assessment required prior to entry. Self Refeerral or Agency Referral please use referral form online.

Cost Information

$300 entry fee plus 85% of centrelink payment

Administrative Phone Number