Department of Psychiatry

Department of Psychiatry, Level 3 J Block, Royal Hobart Hospital

Open Unit phone 03 6166 7371
Closed Unit phone 03 6166 8806
High Dependency Unit phone 03 6166 8123

Welcome to the Department of Psychiatry - guide for clients and carers brochure

About the Department of Psychiatry

A place for everyone to feel safe and respected

The Department of Psychiatry (DoP) is an acute inpatient mental health service. We assist adults who have a serious mental illness or disorder and need 24 hour care.
We provide inpatient treatment for individuals who require specialist mental healthcare in a safe and secure environment.
DoP is located on level 2 and 3, J Block at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Reception is on level 2.

On arrival staff will show clients around their unit including the lounge room and activities room.
Information about the Department of Psychiatry including a bedroom guide and daily routine are provided to each person on admission. Nurses are available if there are any questions.
There are three areas at DoP that provide care specific to individual mental health needs.
These areas are:

  • High Dependency Unit (HDU) with six bed capacity
  • Closed Unit with 12 bed capacity
  • Open Unit with 14 bed capacity.

All care is provided in line with the Tasmanian Mental Health Act 2013

The Treating Team

Medical Staff: the team includes psychiatric consultants, registrars and medical officers.

Nursing Staff: working three separate shifts (morning, afternoon and night).
The nursing team will introduce themselves at the beginning of their shift.

Nursing Staff are available 24 hours a day.

Allied Health Professionals: we have psychologists, occupational therapists, social workers and diversional therapists. Clients who wish to speak with an allied health worker can ask their nurse or speak with them directly.

We also have ward aides and cleaners.

Unit Routine

Each unit has set times each day for team handover and meals or refreshments.  A guide to unit bedrooms and the unit routine is provided on admission.

Doctors rounds vary each day, generally after 10:00 am. Clients are reviewed by their treating team regularly.
A ward program operates across the unit with input from diversional therapy and visiting services.

The Safewards Program is also active at the Department of Psychiatry.

Restricted Items: various Items are not allowed in DoP units including tobacco, lighters and e-cigarettes. Refer to Poster in the Unit for more details. To ensure the safety of everyone your property will be searched on admission and at any time if staff have concerns. Items that may cause harm will be removed.

Prohibited Items: drugs, alcohol and weapons will be removed and not returned on discharge.

ID bands: to promote safety all patients at the Department of Psychiatry are required to wear an ID band.

Nurse call: each bedroom and en suite bathroom are fitted with a nurse call system for urgent assistance.


Leave will be discussed as part of each client's treatment plan. Everyone can apply for leave and leave is negotiated with each client's treating team.
Please note that leave is not permitted from the High Dependency Unit (HDU).
HDU clients will usually have transition leave to the Closed Unit as part of their treatment plan.

Visiting at DoP

Visiting hours are between 10:00 am and 8:00 pm. Visitors are usually restricted to close family or support people. A time limit may apply to visits and the number of visitors may also be limited.
Visitors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Recently discharged patients are not permitted to visit at DoP.


Fees may apply if you have been receiving care for more than 35 days within the Tasmanian Health Service and are no longer acutely unwell.
If fees do apply our staff will talk with you, your family or financial contact to discuss the details and assist with arrangements.

Have Your Say

We encourage clients, family and support to talk to staff or ask for a feedback form if you would like to provide a compliment, suggestion or complaint.